Kidzlife is the the children's program at New Life.  Our goal is offer life-changing children's programs that intentionally equip children for spiritual growth in a safe, fun, and learning environment.  

Programs for Children     


What Will My Child Be Learning?

Each class uses age specific curriculum to teach biblical truths.  Most classes have a theme or topic that rotates each quarter.  Please check with the classroom teacher to find out more about the current curriculum.


Our goal is to create a safe learning environment.  We want to ensure that children are supervised during class time, and only released to a proper guardian.  With younger children we use a matching identification system.

Can My Child Attend the Adult Service?

Children are welcome in the adult auditorium.  We only ask that parents be sensitive to those around them.  If your child gets fidgety, you may want to consider attending the family room (see below).

The Family Room  

Are you a parent who would like to keep your small child with you during service?  The family room may be a good fit for you.  A live feed of the service is provided via flat screen TV.  Couches are available so families can watch the service in comfort.  The family room is adjacent to the lobby and directly outside the auditorium.

For more email contact us at kidzlife@newlifecommunitychurch.net