1) Explore the the different ways to get involved - Check out our list of serving opportunities and find a way to get plugged in.

2) Ask questions - If you have questions, contact us at serve@newlifecommunitychurch.net.

3) Fill out a volunteer application - Prior to serving we ask everyone to fill out a volunteer application.  For more serving positions use this application.  If you will be working with minors, this is the application for you.

4)   Work with your leader to get ready for your first day of serving - Depending on your position, there will likely be a serving schedule and a ministry position description. Work with your leader for any materials relevant to your position.

5)   Look forward to God working through you - Serving God is a great way to make a diference.  We look forward to how God will use you at New Life.

Serving is a great way to make a difference.

Take the next step to get involved at New Life.