Who’s Your One?  Who could that person be for you?  A friend?  A family member?  Someone you work with?  That’s what one life is all about, finding that one person to share God’s love with.

Getting Started:  Sharing God’s love can never be reduced to a step-by-step formula, but there are some very helpful concepts.  To provide a framework we’ve chosen three “I” words, Identify, Invite and Invest.

    Identify:  Ask God to show you one person you can share His love with.

  1. The starting point is prayer.  “God, who have you put in my life that you want me to reach out to?”  Look around at people you know, or people you might be passing by everyday. Determine at least one person you can share God’s love with.

    Invest:  Take time to share God’s love in real life ways that let your light shine.

  1. Pray for the person, hang out together.  Take time to be a friend.  Let God’s love shine through you.  Take opportunities to let Christ come through in your conversations.

    Invite:  Help that person take the next step towards Christ.

  1. It might be a big step or small step, it might even be the first step.  It might be as simple as inviting them to listen to a book or CD.  You could be invite them to church or a Christian concert.  You could invite them to surrender their life to Jesus.  The key is that you’re helping them take the next step toward a real relationship with Christ.

“Who’s Your One” flows from the Biblical truth that each person matters to God. Our hope is that each member of New Life would have one person they are praying for and reaching out to with the love of Christ.

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